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Product management

From product design, production, testing, after-sales service and other product production and service processes, we strictly follow ISO 9001 standards to establish a quality management system to ensure products and services that meet customer needs.

Mature technology

Guarantee that the equipment provided is brand new, unused, technologically advanced, mature and reliable, and meets the quality, specifications and performance requirements specified in the bidding documents and technical agreement in all aspects

Treatment Guarantee

Ensure that the quality, specification, performance, quantity and quality of the equipment are carefully and carefully inspected before delivery, and product technical information is provided.

Device installation

Guarantee the time requirements of the demander, and send experienced engineering and technical personnel to the equipment installation site to assist the entire installation and debugging work until the equipment runs normally.

One year free warranty

After the equipment is put into normal operation, excluding equipment damage (including mechanical and electrical parts) caused by force majeure and human factors, free warranty service will be implemented for the first year from the date of purchase.

Free Lifetime Support

The online checkweigher (apparatus) purchased in our company provides free lifetime technical service support.

Right of interpretation

The company reserves the right of final interpretation of the above terms.


The main products are sealing machine steel belts, small package automatic sorting scales, online automatic checkweighers, heat-sealing steel belts, ultra-high-speed checkweighers, steel belts...


Service Process


You can inquire in the following three ways Phone, Email, Fax


Customer demand


Will ask carefully about the required specifications and requirements


Will return quickly


Advanced equipment, first-class technology,Quality Assurance


Make inspection


Designed according to customer needs high-precision product


Technicians design


Investigate customer usage in order to better service


After-sales service

Patent certification

Success comes from focusing on professionalism to create value

Variety advantage

12 product lines with more than 600 products


20 years of production experience

Software advantage

Design high-precision products according to customer needs

Hardware advantage

Advanced equipment, first-class technology, quality assurance

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